Google Algorithm Update Florida 2

  • Increased
  • Decreased
  • Same

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Traffic pahle bhi nahi aata tha. Abhi bhi nahi aa raha hai :stuck_out_tongue:



Traffic down by more than 50%. Site is dead.

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Make a site which serves the purpose of solving people’s problem…You will get traffic if you have made a good helful site with atleast 40-50 blogpost. And give atleast 6months for them to rank…
Start from most low competetive keyword…Don’t look at search volume by diiferent tools none are correct…if its a valid question people might google…right the answer…you will get traffic and never get hit by google.
Also, Aboid any linkbuilding forcefully. instead make good infographics which gets shared and links will build organically



Same thought here
Make site for intention of serving used only. Never trick anything. Then no update of google will ever hit and affect you.



hmm…I have nearly 1000 posts. And out of them more than 50% of posts were at #1 or #2 positions in search results before the update. And my average position is around 5 to 6.

After this update all the front page results are filled with eCommerce sites or YouTube videos.
And my site has back links from some of the top sites in US and Singapore.

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your site must have been product oriented…Google was never in the favor of product oriented site where you are pushing products… add resources on solving peoples doubts and you will do better.
This update has pushed all my recent blog post which were in page 2 to top 5 ones…
Just write good content google will push you higher.