Google Analytics impact on website speed.

Hello Gulshan,
Is google analytics is required to be installed to use Google Search Console?
How to use google analytic without adding additional JavaScript requests?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Varun, you can host google analytics locally so that your site can’t get slow and you don’t need to use analytics to use Google Search Console.


Hello, @Whois_Games, thanks for the suggestion.

That only Fix caching Issue, Loading of script Still take same amount of time

You can try Plausible and Goat Counter.
While plausible is very polished as per UI, goat counter is selfhosted and helps improve speed by a tiny bit.
But who do you need it anyway? GA hardly impacts speed by a few millisecond.
I dont think you should be bothered about it.

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@GulshanKumar and I use this plugin.

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Thanks @rajdeep and @saurav_556 for a suggestion.

@rajdeep If we load JS locally in that case how this file get updates when Google makes any changes?

I do not use any Analytics code.