Google Cloud and AWS are really free for 1 year

does Google Cloud and AWS are really free for 1 year… or if i cross any limit they will charge me…?

How is Wordpress site on Google cloud Free tier and Aws Free tier?

Google Cloud is now just for 90 days. And aws gives you 12month 750 hrs/per month, EC2 tiny server (1vCPU, 1GB RAM + 30 GB STORAGE) uses.

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Does aws charges extra if limit exceeds…?
What should I follow If I want to deploy a free wordpress site that can handle good traffic for 1 year…

Yeah, Amazon will charge you, if you exceed the limits. I think it will be completely dependent of your website traffic, that how much resources uses. AWS provides 100 GB data transfer (bandwith) for free. If you install a WordPress and your site getting daily ~2000 traffic, then your forecasted uses will be 16 ~ 20 GB bandwidth per month, with Cloudflare integration.

So, I think it would be enough for a small WordPress website to host on AWS free tier.

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So you mean, the Free EC2 instance can handle one site with daily upto 10k traffic without any extra charge… with cloudflare

I am not sure for 100%, but you have to test for several days to get an estimation. Aws show how much resources you will use till the end of the month.

Aslo keep in mind, you will get the tiny server, which has 1gb ram and 1vCpu. It will handle 10k traffic or not, I am not sure.

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Ok thanks man… Do you follow any guide in installing wordpress with Nginx + Ubuntu on EC2

Use the method, published an article about installing WordPress on Ubuntu with Nginx.

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I used gulshan article commands… I am seeing command not found errros