Google Cloud vs AWS Performance (Comparing the Giants)


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For Indian region, I am going to compare two biggest Cloud services performance. Let’s see which is the fastest?

  • Amazon
  • Google


Left: Amazon, Right: Google


Winner: Amazon Cloud


Let me know what do you think about this.

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I found digital ocean worst. Please provide me cheapest vps hosting,

DNS in this sense is the client DNS or The Domain DNS?


I have written in sense of Domain DNS provider that’s Google Cloud.


Ok here is a fun experiment to try out!

Check out the resolving matrices for the following provides and keep everything else to the constant:

DNS Provider:
#1 Domain Registrar’s DNS
#2 Cloudflare with Grey cloud
#3 Cloudflare with Orange cloud
#4 Google Cloud
#5 Amazon Route53

Other Specs should be kept constant and probably away from the default of using either:
Hosting plan from Domain registrar, Google or amazon cloud, CDN acceleration with cloudflare.


Have a look :slight_smile:


I have seen that topic and it felt incomplete to me. Probably because it didn’t had any matrices for Route53 and the Default DNS options offered by bigrock or godaddy.


I have done Rout53 test also. If you are using Bigrock default nameserver, we can do right now :slight_smile:


I don’t use bigrock DNS basically for their long TTLs and slow resolve times.

In my personal view, I find Route53 the Best option because of their redundancy and ability to merge well with the AWS Aliases.

For everything else, I’ve been a huge fan of cloudflare because of their crazy fast resolution times.

Google cloud is as Good if not better than Microsoft’s Azure DNS and Amazon’s Route53


It depends on situation, in general I am also fan of CF DNS.


Of course, Cloudflare DNS if you are using Bigrock.


No doubt, Amazon AWS is best :heart_eyes:


Nice! :slight_smile:

@GulshanKumar You have done this Comparison with W3 Total Cache Plugin installed or without it? Thanks!


Before doing test, equally at both instance…



What are you exactly looking for?


Check this.


BTW your Html consumes 4TB Bandwidth??
This can be further reduce to 85$ when you choose 2TB you can use CDN ?


Are you using CDN ? :thinking:


Then 4TB is good choice


Are you considering vultr 60$ plan… looks good to me. From my experience Very high CPU also won’t help… If Network Latency is bottelneck.


Go for AWS. The 2VCPU of AWS is more powerful than the 4VCPU of Vultr, in my tests.

I didn’t like GCE.