Google Core Update January 2020



The main change I noticed is the video rich snippets does not show on search result anymore, it only works with youtube.

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Brother, they released the update just 15 mins ago. Check out their Twitter page:

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Yeah maybe this is the main update. The one I told it’s been on out since last week. My traffic has dropped by 20%.

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Traffic dipped nearly 50%. One reason is the Core update and another because of the cultural function in Tamilnadu. Will wait and see.

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Since 8 am I am seeing traffic drop in one of my site.
What is this new update of? I think 50% traffic drop is there.

I noticed about this update and now confirmed after reading about its update in detail.

  1. If you have written article on based in year 2019 and prepared a list or techniques. It is possible the same techniques will not work in 2020. So you have to update your article according to present situation and working techniques. And it will come under 2020.
  2. According to google update: Suppose you have made a list of best movies in 2019 then it is possible in 2020 there will some more movies enter into this list and some movies will go down in the list.
    It follows the law
    change is the law of nature. According to time you have to update your post.

Now I talk about my blog. The posts which I saw 2019 and updated those are at same rank but posts which I have not touched have lost their rankings too.

So we need to look after this and by testing this we can implement and recover from this update.


After an update everything is typically going to go through reranking, sometimes this means forums with 10k posts will jump above you but over time they slowly lower due to bounces and you should rise if you have created content that is straight on topic and matches intent. You may lose or gain additional queries, take a breath and instead of hitting insta panic and taking any action. Take it as an opportunity to post more and ditch the stats changing for a week or two. It shall normalize in few weeks only.
However, i dont think it is because of update, as serp volatility is not showing much spikes yet.

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What do you all guys think about Google Core Update Jan 2020?
I can see a sharp DIP in traffic on most of my client blogs.

No change for me.
I see a marginal increase but it could be normal growth. Lets see what happens in a few days. Usually the changes effects after few days also as it rolls out slowly.

Yes, but I can observe a sharp decline in the traffic over-night. Google has entirely changed the face of the SERP pages for high competitive keywords.

Thats complete normal for a broad core update. The update is meant to give new content or other content a chance to rank and test if they work or not. If your content is better than theirs then user experience for them will be down and you will get the rank else. If their content is better they will hold the position.
Thats completely natural.
The best content wins the serp.
May be a little late, but it will.
Focus on adding more content and dont make any major change, soon you will see serp stabilised and then you can see what content lost and what won and make changes. Simple as it is!


Google had stater earlier, some people write post like best helmet for 2019 and then without changing content they just change 2019 to 2020 as new years comes. Thats seems as a negative thing in googles eyes.
Its fine in evergreen industry, still modifying content or adding some new value helps in ranking while updating the content!

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This is just a theory because Google started to give priority for brands and when you search for any high competitive keywords, we can see top MNC brands in the search results. But when you read the article, they provided the same dito messsage which you can easily find on a normal blog.
So, it’s not about user experience, Google started giving priorities to brands. Bloggers if they want to survive, they need to build a brand else we have almost no space in this industry except big brands can play in the ground.

  1. When you recall our SERP a few years back, say before, 2016, we saw only 10 - 12 snippets and one or two ADs for the keyword.
  2. Later they have increased the no. of ads in their search results, causing the first position of the organic results placed actually in 5 - 6 position in the serp page (Result: Decreased CTR and Impressions)
  3. Consequently, Google introduced few rich snippets, caused organic position to drop further.
    Then again, Google introduced “People Also Ask” snippet and reduced the organic snippets to less than 8 per page. Means, 4 - 5 ads on the top and the bottom, rich snippets, people also ask. No. of organic positions is less than 8 and where the bloggers can stand here.
  4. Already, MNCs started conquering our blogging industry and the best example is NDTV, Economic Times started blogging and giving us tough competition.
  5. This JAN 2020 update totally thrown out the bloggers and ranked only brands for the keyword searches.
  6. Already brands spending billions on Google Ads, now they ranked in organic results, featured snippets, people also ask section, and even Q&A section.

Where is the space for the bloggers? Where can we show our blog post in the search engine result pages?
A Big Question Mark…


I don’t think so.
I totally agree that ads, people also ask and youtube video for queries pushed content below the fold however big brands cant answer all the question people have.
Say i am working on pets niche, if you go after topics like what do dogs eat, definitely spruce pets and other top site will kill you. Go for niche blogs, like say labarodor. What do labarador eat. Or can labarador eat ABC? You can still rank on a whole lot of keywords which these blogs will never write for. The fact is big brands can never produce all the content,there is always something left. Thats true for all the industry.
You need to niche down.
Yes blogging have evolved, its not easy but what i still see works and will keep working is having good content.
Trust me I have been working on 5 different niche with 5 more coming soon and I can say good content works. Just the approach have changed in last 8 years. While it was keyword keyword keyword now it is relevance and user intend.


I am also noticing traffic drop around 25%

My traffic dropped by atleast 25% wow

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No significant change in traffic, the overall traffic is up although i have lost a few snippit however i am still ranking position one in most of them.

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after this update i have lost 50% traffic of my blog :joy: