Google Creepy Search Algo Update Continues


(Ajay Malik) #3

Google Looses it mind. I Designed a website before 1st august and make it super mobile friendly and engaging. But after 1st august it start loosing its organic traffic. it traffic decrease from 5000daily view to 2000 daily view and continuously decreasing
That site owner daily contact me and ask for solution and we applied evey fix. but that site related to health and medicine and not a brand website that’s why nothing work.
Now I am 100% sure google is hiding something in its new algorithm and don’t telling anything about it to simple website owner.


Even SEO as a profession, it’s a risky business. There is nothing sure about Google.

(Parmeet Bhamra) #5

I got affected by this update. Don’t know what is the main issue behind sudden rank drop. Does anyone here know about this update?

(Saksham Kumar) #6

Not exactly!

Google is only focusing on users and not on content publishers which is not good but how can Google determine which sites are trustworthy and which are not?

Many small sites are there only to earn affiliate and Adsense commissions. Now, authority sites also do this but at least they have quality and experienced writers.

If Google will start telling everything then do you think everyone play by the rules?

No. Most will not.

Are you sure you have applied every fix? Maybe you have tried a few things but everything? Not possible!

And Google will also take some time in acknowledging what you have done and giving you results accordingly.

At the end, it’s not logical to complaint about something you can’t control. It’s better to adapt to the ongoing changes and learn how you can leverage your situation. :slight_smile:

(Ajay Malik) #7

We optimized pages whoes ranking dropping for all aspects such as mobile friendly, making above the fold engaging, removing ads to improve user experience, Improve page loading speed, update content to improve bounce rate, also optimize pages for voice search by adding small definitions.
We interlink pages naturally and remove all forcefully links and also remove all backlink whose spam score is even 1.
My client tell me that he also make many backlink by doing guest post on website with good da and PA
I am sure this is what google want. and still it need more than I didn’t figure out what’s it

(Saksham Kumar) #8

Share the site if possible, I’ll take a look.


Google’s Medic update rolled out on August that affects Healthcare websites. The popular site “pharamaguideline” lost bunch of traffic - he stated in a forum. Maybe that’s the reason.

(Myil Raj) #11

To gain and maintain ranking, our site should have
1.) Quality Do-Follow Backlinks.
2.) Regular flow of stable traffic through Social and Direct Means.
3.) Constant update of fresh new contents.

Just concentrate on these three areas and focus on delivering something valuable to our community. Never care about updates and you will see the growth.

(Blogger @ #12

I got benefit from this update. Not sure but. This month my traffic increased by 5-6%


Wowww!! That’s awesome :money_mouth_face:

(Kanth King) #14

It just promotes websites which pays for it… having ads all at the top talks about google money making mentality now a days…

(Abhishek Pathak) #15

Google is actually using its mind now.

You mean Google should put your website up because you made it good looking (and SEO friendly)?

Want to know if your website is “all show no content”? Strip out the design and see if user still loves your content. If user retains, then Google needs to rework on their algorithms, otherwise, Google rolled out a successful update.

(Saksham Kumar) #16


(Ajay Malik) #17

Website is good looking and SEO friendly means user can access all info of website easily and and can navigate through pages easily.
Good looking website means user find website engaging and useful. can about content " before 1st august it was on rank 1 and now no where on page one" Did good content definition change after that?

(Blogger @ #18

@BihariLala @Paritosh
Another change in Google search page.

(Abhishek Pathak) #19

Correct. But is it relevant? That’s the question.

I came landing on a site for the latest smartphones and a good looking website shows me about the latest batteries, and now I am done with that site.

I am not saying you don’t write good content. You must have written great content, people loved it and that’s why you were ranked number one. A good content should definitely rank at the top.

I just wanted to clarify on your this justification, as it was in earlier post as well.