Google did another oopsie!


After hitting Quora.
They are now eating websites like BrainyQuote & YourQuote


Another One (Affiliate Marketing) :disappointed::disappointed:

I don’t think blogging is good choice as a career
What do you think?:cry:



No bro. Blogging works, when done with good planning and roadmaps.


It is ovious, google wants that user spends more time in serp, more time spend more ads to show, So, google will directly show up things which do not need a blogpost.
Something like average weather of a place, how to reach from this place to that, quotes, average lifespan of dog, all these simple queries dont require a blog anymore.
Google can do it by itself.
Moving ahead one must be very cautious choosing the topics to write, until and unless there is a question which requires human intelligence, knowledge,skill or experience to answer there is no point in writing about it as google will eventually kill it. If AI can answer it simply and no human knowledge is required for an answer then its simply dead.
Just like quotes, average lifespan, weather, travelling from a to b etc are common.


Affiliate marketing is viable and shall remain viable for long years just the approach needs to shift. If people are still making sites like top 20 washing maching top 10 hair drier top 10 this and that then that is something which is going to die soon.
Make a good helpful website, you will make money with time.

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they had already finished lyrics sites :frowning:


Basically - optimize ur website for users instead of optimizing it for search engines. Give value of continuity which search engines cannot give (yet)

Search engines can answer ur specific query. Blogs can give u a roadmap of what ur next queries are going to be and how to solve them.


But ovious, why would they allow a blogpost to rank and shoe cotemt and display ads and earn when they can do the same on Serp. Thats something evergreen as well as something that doesnt need any personal touch or skill. So its dead!


Google itself is a oopsie… it will tweak internally when it can’t satisfy its shareholders…


I dont think so. They are heading towards the right direction…This steps shot up ctr on serp ads by 60%. This was done to counter the decrease in ads revenue in last financial year. As per reports the revenue was down by 28%. So these changes were made to counter the same.


It’s about the person to person interest, as Google AI is reading our surf history and displaying results accordingly. This shows that, “Trend is Changing”. People are showing less interest to read reviews, information about the product (or) service.

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True, people tend to use google as a place where they could ask for a problem and expect a good answer for the same.
If your blog can solve the problem in the most efficient, thorough and reliable way then you got it right

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What about news websites?
I am working on a blog for solving fake news spreading on social media.

Will this niche end in few years?


No i dont think the news site shall end anytime soon. But what i have seen is google is moving more towards brand for news and stuff.
Google fb and all other platforms beleives that the best way to tackle fake news is brand. A brand takes care of its reputation nd will not take all measures to prevent fake news so need to look out if you can make it to the top or not


Google has 200 factors to rank a site. Then Google will show the content from the article on top of SERPs. It covers the above fold excluding ads.

Then there will be some YouTube videos. People don’t scroll much. As a result, the first 5 results will take the catch and the remaining 5 get peanuts.

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