Google Domain Who Is Domain Issue

Hello Team HGK,

Day Before Yesterday I Have Bought Domain On Google Domains and today I found Notification From Google Domains To Submit Gov Documents to Secure Your Domain.

What Is This??

Did Anyone Else Found This Type Of Notification From Google Domains??

not yet, submit any doc & resolve. Alternatively, you may ask them for ‘refund’ within 3 days.

Providing Personal Documents, how about if I toggle off privacy protection of who is??

Will it work?

You may get spam by keeping whois protection off

Getting spam email is better than loosing the domain.

How to change address in Google Domains??

Because while buying I have submitted office address & while providing doc to Google I have provided my residence address… because Google requires gov proof too with pic & address which I have in my gov I’d proof…

May be you need this,the%20name%20of%20your%20domain.&text=Registration%20settings.,upper%20right%20corner%2C%20click%20Edit.