Google Domains Vs Cloudflare DNS: Speed Comparision

The role of DNS is to resolve a hostname into machine-readable IP addresses. I wanted to compare the speed between Google DNS and Cloudflare, is it really fast or hype?

Testing background, Cloudflare DNS, TTL: 2 mins, Google Domains DNS, TTL: 2 mins


Google Domains

Especially in India, I found Google Domains faster.

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Clear Winner is CloudFlare :thinking:

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Google is winner…

Google appears to be clear Winner from the most location.

New York Cloudflare
Miami Equal
Dallas Equal
San Francisco Cloudflare
Seattle Google
Toronto Cloudflare
Frankfurt Google
London Google
Paris Cloudflare
Amsterdam Google
Sao Paulo Google
Singapore Google
Sydney Google
Tokyo Google
Taipei Google
Bangalore Google

This site says something else altogether.

“All DNS providers are tested every minute from 200+ locations around the world”

Even i am not sure who would be faster considering 24 hour checking. Cloudflare vs Google.

But on the other hand, the sister site of dnsperf

Says that cloudflare cdn is one of the fastest. Which is definitely not the case!

I was especially concern about India location. I found Google Domains faster.

A random test, from New Delhi, India



From another tool


Well you gotta compare DNS Made Easy too. It’s a paid service, curious to know how it performs :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s few more comparision


Amazon Route 53

Siteground :smiley:

Here is DO:

Really? :heart_eyes:

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Tested again in Incognito: DO Performance:


I am surprised at dns made easy speed in Seattle.

Digital ocean looks like a dream everywhere but in select places of US. But DO’s consistency i am doubtful of.

And whats happening in Sydney!! Amazon, DNS made easy, showing above 2 seconds response time.

No one can provide consistency. I found DO is much faster in DNS resolution.

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:thinking: How about Compare with legend.


Google has the servers in almost all countries.

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Okay :slight_smile:
I would like to try

They already offer this for free with Google domains.

A site hosted outside AU will always be slow.

I am also very impressed Bing homepage Performance. Never seen like that. :smiley:
It’s site even open blazing fast… I can say. My dream will come true, if I make this possible :stuck_out_tongue:

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