Google drive document fetch count as a viewpage in WordPress

Anyone can tell me how to fetch a Google drive document in a unique url within our website. I mean if the Google drive Link should not be open but drive data call on a new url which generated dynamic.
Please provide me a logic or plugin to do this.

Sorry, check this URL -

I wants that how to show document with iframe tool, advertisement within my website url. So that I can use analytics.
Please check this websites any document url, it’s help you that what exactly I saying.

I have no information regarding this. You have to search related developer on Fiverr.

Okay Dear

I have multiple question regarding to Wp Discourse forum.

  1. Is it possible to modify Discourse theme after deployment in digital ocean droplet?
  2. In this theme there are a lot of error in schema markup, can we manually correct it?
  3. Is there any wordpress theme like Wp Discourse?
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