Google incorrectly paused ads on my site due to "invalid traffic"


I’ve been working with AdSense for more than five years now, but earlier today Google paused ads on my site because they’ve “invalid traffic” concerns.

Some background: 4 digits monthly earning, steady CPC/RPM and normal CTR of 1.0 to 1.5%, no massive clawback/invalid traffic issue in past, and site is popular/well known in the industry with recognition from CNN and others. Traffic is 1-2M a month.

Services I use:

  • Google Cloud / Google Cloud security and Sucuri. I personally monitor the logs too. Nothing odd.

The above background is to clarify that I am not engaged in any shady activities and I well am aware of the terms & conditions.

The main story:

My Google organic traffic increased significantly between March 10-17. The traffic increased because users have issues with a particular product after the update, and my articles with workaround were ranking first, so naturally, my traffic improved.

From 30-50K average traffic, my traffic increased to 90-120K a day and it lasted until yesterday night. Traffic is now back to normal.

Traffic sources:

  • Google
  • Google News.

Traffic platform:

  • Desktop 90%


  • US
  • EU

Naturally, AdSense revenue tripled between March 10-17, but unfortunately, my happiness lasted for a few days and I received this email from Google today:

Ad serving limit placed on your AdSense account

It’s quite obvious that I did not click on my own ads, I did not ask others to click on ads, my ad placements never had issues in past, and traffic is from Google, so I am not sure how the traffic is “invalid”.

My understanding is that Google will sabotage your company if they detect a sudden rise in traffic/earnings.

It’s very likely that I won’t get paid properly for this month’s revenue, so all the money is going to Google.

I have accepted my fate and I have no regrets. It’s not my fault and I can do nothing. I’m not venting out my frustration here. I have created this post to warn others: reduce your dependence on AdSense.

Please diversify your revenue sources, reduce AdSense ads, use other ad networks even if they suck. And try new players like ValueImpression.

I’m in process of switching to other ad networks and my AdSense ads will be restored within a month, and I’ll still use it but 10% of my traffic only (i.e as a backup/passback ad).

Thank you.


This is so sad and scary at the same time. I just don’t trust google now. They can destroy your business, something you’ve worked so hard on for years, in just a day, without giving any explanation. They penalize sites, they disable ads, they can do just about anything they want. And there’s absolutely no way to stop it.

Ezoic, mediavine and adthrive could be a great option for you. As your traffic is from tier one country.
The major advantage is you don’t have to deal with clawbacks and similar issue.

I suggest waiting for a month, let the limit be removed and moving to a better ad company. I bet you will hit five figures with them.

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Email to

A few days ago Adsense was having direct support option the following link but now removed

After their reply, I sent further things to this email at that time. and Yes they replied, that means this email was working and may be still now.

I have used the email us option on the AdSense dashboard.

You are not alone. The sudden high spike in traffic causing an issue for many.

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As far I remember when ad limit is placed. Most of the time Ads won’t appear on your pages and impressions will get reduced drastically. However you will get paid for the clicks you recieve which will definitely be much lower since less ads were served.

So your claim that Google will make money out of this, doesn’t make much sense.

Nevertheless bans gets lifted within weeks or so also diversifying income (and not clicking your own ads) is always a good idea.


One point i missed yesterday!

Companies that are not an official ad partner of google might lose a good chunk of revenue when google will phase out third party cookie next year. They will not be able to use privacy sandbox data which only certified partners will have access to.

I think it would be tough time for these small companies when that happens. So do plan for the same.

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i dont understand this point

This is true. In blogging, we don’t have to depend on one income source, I have removed all Adsense ads from my blog, it’s not because of the above reason but it was degrading my blog’s performance.


How is ValueImpression performing for you? Better than Adsense?

remove all old ad code active auto ads and in a weekend google will remove ad limits from your site, sometime it takes month
good luck

Sorry about that

Oh. Im sorry to hear this.

I should have updated this thread long ago.

AdSense restored ads after I explained that the penalty wasn’t fair and shared screenshots of the spike in organic traffic. Ads were resumed on the 8th day and clawback was slightly high.

I am currently using two AdSense ad and four AdX ads.


Google doesn’t likes invalid traffic on site. It increases spam score on your site, so Google stop ads on your site.

how much traffic you are getting ?

Google AdSense Really Has No Sense


ok tell me a better ad network than adsense who pays better and reliable