Google+ is shutting down after data breach


Google+'s People APIs allowed third-party developers to access data for more than 500,000 users, including their usernames, email addresses, occupation, date of birth, profile photos, and gender-related information.


:scream: So no more promotion at Google +

(Suprim Shrestha) #3

Does anyone even uses google+ lol

(Sajwal Pageni) #4

Someone can’t showoff fake followers anymore :disappointed_relieved:

(P.S Just a random site I found)


Future is dark. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Induction Motor) #6

Someone cannot shout the fake followers

(imamit) #7

Most of the G+ users used to post the spam content just for promotions. When I open the Google Plus profile, I always see some fake post even though I haven’t followed their community or groups.

Now, I am removing the follower count from my blog too.:rofl: