Google January 2019 Algorithm Update


Hello everyone! It is my idea or Google already started this 2019 with a new algorithm update?

It seems like it.


Something is going on with update


In my case the update lowered my traffic and sales. I have learned not to try of changing things but rather keep creating good content until they give me the traffic back. Thanks for confirming my suspicious.



How to check like this? I also want to check, is this a wordpress plugin?


Me too.
I think it’s a feature in Semrush.


oh ok, thank you.


Here you go


My traffic is good with no change



Hello gulshan bro,

i love to see your new blog site, you was the star of SML, so let me know, how can i recover the traffic dropping issue ?


Hi, Welcome to HGK Forum!

Here’s the checklist to identify the cause of your site’s Google organic search traffic loss -

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Write better and unique content is what everyone is recommended and/or supposed to do.


My real time went down. Is it a bug from Google Analytics?


Might have been a temporary error.


Yeah… You are right…


You are active most of the time here… :slight_smile: