Google May-2020 Core Update

Google Just launched an another core update after Jan 2020. Did anyone hit?
3 Blogs in my control have lost their ranking for a few KWs.
Niches: “Affiliate Marketing”.

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My site has started to rank of off topic keywords and currently loosing already higher rankings on main keywords.

Niche: Indian tech & offers

Sites with quality links are going up and those with some spammy ones are going down [in the same niche]

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I would suggest to avoid making any major change. Just add new content. If the post that ranked above you doesnt have quality or doesnt answer the question as the user expects(relevance) they will move down and you will win the ranking back. It may happen in a few days or even week. However major change can make things complicated.


This update hit me hard. Lost first position on many keywords, 30% drop in traffic

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I have lost 20% traffic overall. But that happens after every core update as sites like webmd, omlet and more have more authority and takes first position. However the content is not that relevant. Thus, after few days i will climb back up for these articles.
With overall higher numbers because it pushes my other articles which were not ranking up above others. Now since the articles i write are very indepth and good they usually stay at top and bring more traffic overtime.
Dont worry keep working and you will be fine.

It’s hit me hard. 50% drop in traffic on my other tech blog. Although I also experience some issues on AMP pages which I think also contributed to lost of traffic. My other blog without amp is not affected. I still maintain my ranking. To be honest, AMP is rubbish with their useless update that always brings in one problem or another. I keep getting error on amp every week. I have successfully removed the amp on the blog. Let me see how it goes.

Google’s update is keeping our ranking’s to fluctuate very heavily. Don’t know how to manage our rankings during Updates. :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

Its impossible.
Google is all about change.
They need to constantly give other sites a try to see if they perform better so there are always fluctuations in rankings whenever such update comes.
Brace for it and keep creating content is the best way.
Also diversify the way you reach your visitors.
May be a youtube channel
Or an email list
Or some other way.


Lost 60% traffic

:persevere: So I lost about 60% of my organic traffic and I’m not sure is it because of the Google algo changes or some other reasons.

What to do in this case since this is the first time I am facing this issue in the small journey of my blogging (6 months to be exact).

I used to get 250-300 organic traffic not it’s down to 120-150.

Get used to it, it is normal in the SEO world.


My site’s organic traffic will decrease after every algo-update. Soon after few weeks it will climb back. Always try to find multiple channels of traffic source like from YouTube channel, social or something like that.

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Is update ke wajah se mujhe fyda mila hai mere site pe ab janta janardan badh rha 85takka janta badh gayi wah wah

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My traffic dropped from 5k/day to around 3k/day😢

my website link was in 4th page . now link is not in the ranking 10 pages

Hindi wale website ko iska sabse jyada fayda mila hai. Baki Angreji website ke baare mujhe maalum nahi.

It wil take time(2 weeks) to roll out. Us Uk audience are first to get it always. So it would be too early to say something!

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Is anyone seeing recovery in traffic??

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