Google news 1200 Pixel

since there are many people who want to get into Google news but not to avail.

Maybe the problem is in the image, Google wants us to have 1200 pixel.

How big is 1200 pixel?

I have searched Google but they cant give me straight answer.

Which image below is 1200 pixel?

Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 11.46.50

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Really this idea of1200 pixels work @BihariLala & @AbhishekVerma ?

The one you have selected.

I don’t think so. Because, all the Indian news websites use very low resolution images.

For a news article

Featured image should be at least 1200 pixels wide in JSON-LD markup, your web page may have responsive images.

        <script type="application/ld+json">
          "@context": "",
          "@type": "NewsArticle",
          "mainEntityOfPage": {
            "@type": "WebPage",
            "@id": ""
          "headline": "Article headline",
          "image": [
          "datePublished": "2015-02-05T08:00:00+08:00",
          "dateModified": "2015-02-05T09:20:00+08:00",
          "author": {
            "@type": "Person",
            "name": "John Doe"
           "publisher": {
            "@type": "Organization",
            "name": "Google",
            "logo": {
              "@type": "ImageObject",
              "url": ""

What Google Developers says

  • Only a marked-up image that directly belongs to the article should be specified.

  • Image should be at least 1200 pixels wide

  • Every page must contain at least one image (whether or not you include markup). Google will pick the best image to display in Search results based on the aspect ratio and resolution.

  • Image URLs must be crawlable and indexable.

  • Images must represent the marked up content.

  • Images must be in .jpg , .png , or .gif format.

  • For best results, provide multiple high-resolution images (minimum of 800,000 pixels when multiplying width and height) with the following aspect ratios: 16x9, 4x3, and 1x1.


I have checked each site and found they are either using featured image as 1200 px wide or using the 1200 px wide in schema markup.
Mean, they are using it’s with automatic size adjustments. When it needs 1200 px they are giving 1200px when needs 400px they are giving 400px.

O.o, How do they do that?

2 ways I have found. but don’t know doing this is right or wrong.
1st Way.
use WordPress media crop feature

2nd Way
Disable this media crop and install jetpack>enable image assest CDN. then upload image as 1200pxX675px

Jetpack will auto crop it as well as it will not take extra storage space for crop images on server.

I have used this method, it will hide all the images/thumbnails in your partner Google news Desktop

In my case images are showing in news publication desktop.

What does it mean actually, Should my AMP pages logo be 600 by 60 or I can even use a 60px height logo, with any width?(must fit within 600px)