Google Not indexing Titles as Set in Yoast Plugin

I am facing an issue with Google search result which doesn’t show my exact title as in Yoast SEO title. It is showing my Article title.

It is showing results like “Article title - website name

Example in Google search: How to download an app on android - website
I set in Yoast SEO title: Download an app on android for free 2020

Those Seo plugins are no longer needed.
I have completely stopped using them.
Google is smart enough to choose the meta title as well as description as they fit right, they dont need a plugin to tell them what to go for.
Infact i have seen better ctr when you dont specify a meta description and google autofills it from your context.

So just enter the title you want in serp same as the original title for better results.


Thanks for this
That means no need to add meta description under yoast
Repeatedly I have seen google does what it feels better for his audience and it changes title and description different with different keywords


I don’t.
And i am doing fine even without it.

That means we can use blogger platform as well where we don’t to setup meta title and description separately. Just the date in permalink made it unusable.

Permalink is an important one.
Keep it short and on point

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yes, but having date in permalink makes it extra large without any reason in these days ( in my opinion.)

Thats a bad option. Never include date, category or other tags.
Only important keywords texts.