Google not showing my posts

I am writing posts on many keywords with zero competitor, but still my posts are not showing on searching the keyword, Even the posts get indexed in Google within 2-3 hours of publishing the posts.

Why it’s happening?

For example

I recently written a post Titled “How to Delete BetPawa Account in 2020”

When I search the same title on Google my post won’t show up, but when I search the URL, it shows up immediately.

I don’t know why this is happening. Please help somebody

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Keep calm and Keep working!
Lol. Bro it takes sometime to rank. Even I used to get ranked quickly for those no competition term in few days itself but now it is taking longer. I think google is going to increase the time it takes to test and rank content even with low competition terms. For new websites it is even worse for few first few months.
Chill out and keep working!

My website is two year old

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Hmm…Mera v ek website ka yahi ho rha h kuch time se…but overtime it gets ranked.

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Showing for me. Keep Calm bro. You published this post on 2 days ago. So, Google need some time to fetch it.

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