Google’s Core Web Vitals the new Ranking Factors!

I have 70 errors in the Search console, What about you others? And how you guys reducing these errors?

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Core vital is already a ranking factor.
See it this way,
CLS= Content shift, if your content shifts while user is viewing it does it affect UX. Yes.

Fcp and Lcp:- The first view is loading very slow, will the user be pissed. YES!

So it was already a ranking factor. Just the thing is now there is a metric to measure the same.

What will matter most is LCP, FID and CLS according to UX signal.

How can we reduce these??

I personally use flying press+cdn.
Most of these gets reduced to moderate warning.

You can also hire someone to optimize your site.

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Use PageSpeed Insights from google to find out the details and fix them.

Have a look