Google scrutiny on Theme less websites

We have been posting contest and quiz posts from past 12 years, but now a days even news channels, tech websites and other themes website are posting this for views, Doesn’t the MfK* google have no say on it and doesn’t scrutinize these shameless websites who post anything and everything just for more views…??

“Worldfree4u” the main organic keyword (current) for the Time of India brings millions of traffic for them.
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Nothing to say.

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We can’t report because it’s not illegal/bad to do in the eye of Google.

Atleast let me give a try, this should STOP it always monopoly which wins it should STOP shameless republic, TOI, jaghran editorial teams anything for money…

Anyone can publish any content and write about it. To prove your expertise in your niche and to rank better than others, you need to develop authority.

It’s not just Google. Bing and others also favour old/authority sites. And authority sites can expand their coverage, it’s their choice.

I’m not sure how you expect it to work… but when other sites start covering new topics, there’s really nothing search engines can do - they’ll rank authority sites and they do that for various reasons. I don’t like Google too, but I don’t think they can make this experience better. Very difficult.

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As a small businessman, know and understand this. Ur job is only to get ahead of the large brands. The moment any of ur method becomes famous or adaptable, large brands will adapt. Not only that, smaller brands will try to catch up.

Please note that many ppl started blogging because they saw other blogs make money. By that logic from today no one should be allowed to blog. Why isnt google stopping all from blogging.

As a small businessman, the sooner u understand that life is gonna be a struggle of staying ahead the better it is. U have to be ahead of competition from other small businesses and also there is the fear of being outmodeled (turned into an old business model) by large competitors.

Great point and agree, primarily we are one way feeding and have no power against a EVIL MONOPOLY called GOOGLE…

hmm, apparently, it happens in India too. I thought only happen in Indonesia. Big news site covering on how to water a plant, what bike is the most expensive, so on and so forth… i wonder how other countries are. I believe english speaking country wouldnt stoop that low… i guess…

Yes some folks will go any low for money…

Yes, I am also running a quiz site.
When the google indexing issue happed, my top ranks some posts that are raking 3-5 positions it’s down to 10-12 positions. And Those first places are taken by big monopoly news & tech sites, who can do anything for traffic.

So should we leave blogging? need justice.

for informative yes but for english article i still think can survive. What happen if forbes covering bike article? dayum guys

Ideally thats where the keywords/meta description in blogs, logic should come in place… but Google itself is a lame $8hit of code lines written by some useless coders now a days prioritizing other websites just because they posted it…

A long back I had said once, Google will be next blunder as Bing… Giving more priority to oldest site and rarely giving value to new one. I am seeing it live in past few years.

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I could have said the same thing for blogging 5 years back.

Blogging is evolving and it is evolving rapidly today. We need to adjust our approach to make it work.

Big website are there in every niche. I have been working on outdoor, pet and gardening niche. There are big websites like gardenhow, wikihow, thespruce, etc etc etc.

However, my sites are still growing everyday and getting the traffic as expected. For example gardening niche is pretty crowded. There are 100’s of site, but still there are so much underserved topics we can work on. You just need to find those cracks.

A tip for today’s blogging is:- Get involved in the niche. If you are the one who goes and read top 10 article and summarize what they have already written and expect a different result. You won’t go far enough!

Go ahead and get involved in forums, fb groups, comment of YouTube. See what people have doubt with what they want and get those articles publish. Its that simple. But if you are tying to write same article as others are, good luck! You may soon be outclassed.

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The Times of India and this shit Nagpur Oranges website are now similar in Google’s Judgement

Justice is not applicable in a world of AI, ML, algorithms, etc.

Old sites will always rank higher, and it’s actually fair enough. It’s fair for search engines to trust older sites for obvious reasons - authority. If they start trusting new sites over old sites, the search quality will go bonkers.

You have a good new site and naturally, you expect it to rank, but there are millions of new sites engaged in false and misleading information. Their algorithm tends to rank older sites better because older sites can be trusted.

You can rank for keywords where older sites are non-existent. That’s the only way to survive. Like I said in past, blogging is very difficult in 2020 because of competition.

You need to build your authority for keywords where competition is minimal. After a few years when old sites will try to compete in that niche too, you’ll be able to survive because you would become a authority site too.

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Misusing GNews.


That’s right. Thanks for the Tip.

But my site is 10 years old, my blog is 13 years old…