Google search console "Excluded"

Hi Team!

I see that the excluded number has increases significantly.
The only change

I made was transfering the domain to Cloudflare.

And also the visitors decreased from 100 to 20 per day.

What could be the reason?


It could be noindex pages. Can you share full screenshot? There would be written.

yes exactly! it is no index pages.So around 770 page url’s are de indexed right?
Do not know why it happened.

Also I get errors when I upload the site map generated from the plug in.

Click on Excluded, you will see list of issues.

You can refer to below guides to understand why it is happening.

You are already using Yoast Sitemap. You can avoid using Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator Plugin for WordPress by Arne Brachhold and just use what is provided by Yoast at General > Features options.


Yoast one is sufficient.

Also, I see there are lots of redirect.

The canonical version is www version but internal page contains ‘non-www’ version.

There is also some redirect for images. It seems AO ShortPixel integration setup is affecting. You may need to check.

Yes actually I put a redirect I have a plug in for it.

My earlier login page was not working so put a redirect so that all pages would work like earlier.Also thought this is the reason for the traffic drop.

.Also in the siteground when I try to open the wordpress editor, It throwed a login error.

Is there a way I can fix this ?
Like Did I wrongly configure the domain name during cloudflair registration do I need to fix it?

Thank you

Any change here is the wordpress editor

Your WordPress General Settings > WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) both fields are correctly set. No action is requied at that particular page.

However, you may need to do search replace in the database to replace all instance of non-www to www version.


  1. Must take a backup first. As this process may completely break website.
  2. Ask your host to do search replace to update all instance of http/https/http-www to https-www

What will happen? This will replace all instance to https-www version, it will remove redirect chain.

Also, you should disable Autoptimize Image Optimization feature. It is generating extra 302 redirect.

Thank you!

Just now contacted siteground.
they suggested this plugin

And they also say backup for last 30 days is stored.

should try this ?

  • I cannot suggest doing self as it involves fatal risk of breaking site at Database level.

  • (1) Better ask Hosting support team to do it from their end instead providing generic instructions. (2) Or, consult any WordPress expert.

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I have used this plugin when I moved my site from http to https

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Is my robots .txt a issue?

Search console shows outdated information, sometime it is being buggy also. It cannot be interpreted as currrent status.

Your robots.txt looks normal. That is not an issue. Your web page is indexable.

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Just now was able to upload the site maps:)

used this link to check the robots.txt file
as usual it rejected my webpage

the edited the robots.txt file.
and re-used this link to notify the google bot that my robots .txt file is changed.

It accepted the website page.
Now I took all the sitemap links in Yoast
and uploaded in google search console.

Shall I wait and see for getting indexed?

You just need to submit sitemap_index.xml not all individual .xml file.

I have moved my WordPress site from HTTP to HTTPS without the use of any plugins. Directly working on database will help to keep us safe from all these errors.

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