Google search console is showing new notice while adding a property


Hello HGK,
While adding a new property in Google search console it is showing a notice - " remove protocols and paths (e.g. https:// or /path/) "

Does Google stopped treating https:// and http:// as 2 different properties ?


Yes, they probably stopped treating different variants as different properties.


That’s really good thing btw :slight_smile: I added some domains just a week back and it was not there :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing


Not yet, HTTP and HTTPS shows different data. I think, it will continue that way.


They probably update it only for new properties.



I have left this way.


Update from Google :-


Thanks for sharing the link. As per this article we still need to add all variants using URL Prefix option. But there will be an option to add domain property where we can see data of all variants combined.


I just have added my domain name to new console without any prefix
and I got pop up like ‘Ownership auto verified’ and verification method unknown

What does this mean?

I think because I am using google domain registrar.

So, Shall I delete other properties like with prefix www, non-www, https http etc


Means you had already verified it once.
But I recommended you to verify it again with any methods provide by google .
I have faced the same problem on yesterday.


If you have previously verified your domain using DNS method it will auto verify your domain property that is .

Don’t delete other variants of property.

It will show in drop down menu as first your domain property below that all other variants will appear.

You can see data of all variants combined in domain property. Otherwise visit any other variant to see that variant’s data only.