Google search console showing URL currently not indexed but Google is showing results


I have one question regarding the Google search console indexing status.

When I checked the Google search console 77 URL’s are showing ‘Currently Not Indexed’ status. When I checked for one URL on Google by using keyword+blog name it is showing me proper result.

What does this mean? is it indexed or not? if yes then why search console showing not indexed?


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Search Console doesn’t display real time data.

you mean that particular page is indexed?

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I mean do not trust Search console. Instead manually verify things by looking into SERPS. Also, most important by using crawling tool such as Screaming Frog.

Same Happening with me.

Use URL Inspection tool.


Thank you Adarsh.
I am trying to request for indexing through URL inspection tool, lets see.

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Hi Adarsh,

This technique is working well. URL’s are indexing very fast.

Thanks for help.

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Welcome buddy :slight_smile:

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Update- Only 11 URL still pending, all the URL’s has been indexed successfully.

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