Google search direct questions answers

Today when searching for some answers in Google, I came Across this question box Screenshot_Chrome_Canary_20180505-102238
will this affect sites that rely on how-to articles?


What is Google trying to do now… :disappointed_relieved:

sigh !! :frowning:

@Manash For which search queries?

@GulshanKumar ‘does lazy loading adsense reduce earnings’

@Manash yes, it may impact.

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Here’s our Google :wink:


From last few months google copy many concept from Quora. I think google fearing from quora. :stuck_out_tongue:

Google will die if it does not do its original job. People come to Google to find websites related to their searches and not for answers.

Quora is for answers. Those who need to visit Quora will go there directly and not look at Google. Google is dying a slow death.

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where does the learn more go?

can you share link

Manashjyoti Athparia posted in the @GulshanKumar Forums (hat tip to mayank_jee) a screenshot of Google’s search results with a big box letting the searcher submit a question to be answered later by humans.

@BihariLala @Manash

@GulshanKumar congratulation!


Thank you, thanks to everyone for participating in this discussion.

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It doesn’t goes to a link instead it pops up a box.Screenshot_Chrome_Canary_20180507-191331


Tried submitting your question? What happens?

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No I haven’t submitted any question

Try and see where Google redirects you.

I just tried and it doesn’t redirect me to anywhere instead the box collapsed and said:
Thanks for the info
This will help improve search results for everyone.


Hi guys, does anybody know where Google shows what questions are being asked, so that publishers are able to answer the questions and then take advantage of the content that they created? Can they display the answer on their site so they get more traffic?

Have a look