Google Showing Published Date Instead of Modified Date

Hi there,

Google showing Published Date instead of Modified Date in SERPs. Yoast added both <meta property=“article:published_time” and <meta property=“article:modified_time” but showing Published Date in Search.

Everything was normal until a few days but recently changed the theme, How to fix it?

Also confused if I should change the date in WordPress Post Editor every time edit the post

@GulshanKumar or anyone

Normally, Google will show date in the SERPs which appears in the Entry Meta.

In entry meta, Last Updated date is shown. Even after that Google is showing Published date only.
Anyway to fix?

Please check with theme author.

Which theme are you using? Don’t update date while updating a post.

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One thing is use Duplicate Post plugin > Duplicate the Post > Delete the previous one & at the same time publish the duplicated post with same SLUG(avoid 404).

It will be fixed normally within 24-72 hours.

Pixwell theme:

Will things work normally after doing this?

I do it when I need to update any new article as fresh. However I don’t know any comments will be moved or not.

I finally found a reason for the same

In my old theme, in hentry markup section, it was having updated section with the modified date (screenshot below)

But in the new theme, instead of “updated” in hentry there is published date.

Anyone know how to add updated section to hentry markup

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Never used.

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Never ever do this mistake. This will trigger the SPAM bot and you may get penalty. So avoid and find another way.

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Okay, not doing that

What about my way?