Google Speed Experimental Issue in Google Search Console

Hello Folks,

Since from few days in Google Search Console Speed Experimental issue is increasing & increasing day by day as I am posting articles as it’s increasing in GSC I have checked in in Gtmetrix, Pingdom & average speed of my site is well good performing than how???

How to solve this issue???

What is your target region? Please check speed from that region.

Do you see TTFB under 200ms and mobile FCP at PageSpeedInsight under 1s? If not, Google may show it moderate or slow.

How to improve TTFB and FCP, Gulshan?

For TTFB under 100ms

  • Choose server location as per target audience.
    Google Analytics - Location
  • For India, you need Indian server. Avoid free plan proxy by CF, DNS is fine.

  • For USA, you need USA server.

  • TTFB below 50-100ms is respectful. This would be posible via Server Side caching like NGINX FastCGI. It’s hard to achieve using some plugin which uses .htaccess rewrite or PHP method to serve web page.

  • Do not use Apache, it is slow. Prefer NGINX or LiteSpeed over it. A well optimized server contribute a huge role for faster TTFB.

  • Use TLS 1.3 (It’s 2x faster than TLS 1.2)

  • Use Faster DNS (Cloudflare)

For <1s FCP

  • Use Critical CSS for each web page. WP Rocket plugin does its best for this purpose.

  • Target to keep page size low as possible as. Have a budget < 150KB.

  • To reduce page size, use WebP images. This can reduce by 50-60% in some cases.

  • Use a lightweight theme that doesn’t use jQuery.

  • Again, a well-optimized server is important. You should be using HTTP/2, HTTPS.

  • Consider it’s almost impossible to get <1s FCP when you are using Google AdSense. However, you can try best to optimize WP (without it) as possible as following above few steps.



Cloudways is Apache based. Nginx based servers that u recommend? (and i am hearing good things about litespeed)

Your opinion about HTML minify?

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I do not recommend using standalone Apache server for a production site because it can consume more resources. So, NGINX with FastCGI cache is a way to go for handling high traffic WP Blog in a budget. You can expect to achieve TTFB near 50ms (In real Chrome Browser).

CW uses hybrid combination (Apache+NGINX) leveraging best of both.

Minifying HTML can save few bytes however double check web page design. Sometime elements may come too close and look bad.

For LiteSpeed (Enterprise), there is a host called “Closte” based on Google Cloud. [I do not recommend at the moment, I mentioned this name just for informational purpose.]

For OpenLiteSpeed, DigitalOcean offer one-click solution that’s worth trying.

I recently tested, this was my experience with it.

I think this was due to Quic.Cloud services integration which comes in LS.

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Hello Gulshan Kumar,

Almost all the requirements are done I can’t mention one by one but still can you analyse my site and know me what things are missing

Using WP Rocket caching plugin.

Well optimized… :+1:

However, I would suggest removing 30 days caching for HTML. It can cause problem for returning visitor, they won’t be able to see new content until they do hard reload.

Thank you for analysing my site & I know that that is why I tell you to analyse because I am following you site each and every topics and improving my site but still getting warning from site speed experimental in Google Search Console!

And in cloudflare CDN I have set browser cache for 4:00 hours, didn’t checked in Htaccess.