Google Updates and SERP Changes - March 2020

In this thread, we’ll discuss March 2020 Google SERP Changes, Updates and Penalties.


A new Google update could be coming. No changes here yet.


I think Google launched a new update today. My traffic dropped horribly and I don’t think I am the only one. Has anyone suffered a drop in their traffic?

I read somewhere that Google will crawl the “nofollow” links as normal links and that’s why there is a major change in the search results.

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There is no visible changes for me.
However there are frequent changes in serp as google keeps updating and changing the serp everyday. So it is quite normal to see some minor fluctuations.

Someone from Google said they haven’t implemented the change yet, so we will not notice any drops or gains.

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No change in stats yet…

Anyone here ever encountered Outbound links penalty? How long does Google take to revoke the penalty after the fix is applied?

How do we even know that there was an outbound link penalty?

Outbound link penalty is a manual penalty. You get a notification in Search Console when Google slaps you with the penalty.


For what?
Like i have references and citations to many research papers and work but havent heard of something like this?
Anything you can share more info on?

Okay! Got it.
Yup seems like google cracked another link building method.
It is always best to get natural organic backlink with good quality content!
Google cracks all the exploits with time.

No! That article is based on only very few cases. The author actually picked a case from FB group and wrote full article on it.

And these outbound link penalties are old, nothing new here.