Referral Traffic, Spam?


I am getting a lot of referral visits from No, I am not using AdSense Matched Ads, but still, I am getting a huge number of these traffic in GA. How am I getting this much traffic without Matched Ad Units?

Is it referrer Spam?

Yes, it could be referral spam.

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But I am seeing more number of pageviews in Adsense(traffic in ga after applying the filter). These bot traffic won’t count towards Adsense Pageviews, right?

This might help in filtering bad bots.

  • Add below line to robots.txt
User-agent: *
Disallow: /883693993/
  • Create a hyperlinked image to footer
<a style="display:none;" rel="nofollow" href="/883693993/"></a>
  • Check server logs to find which IP visited /883693993/ path. Probably it would be bad bots who doesn’t respect robots.txt
  • Block that IP.

There is a plugin on similar concept.


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