Got error while checking Google Structured Data Testing

I am using Yoast latest version and while testing my site in Google Structured Data Testing Tool.
A value for the name field is required.

Any Idea to Solve it?

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Ok, also are you using Genesis theme?

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You should disable Genesis schema.

I have already but it still is showing
I have used this code

This is the error while Author Archives is Disabled

But while Author Archives is enabled

There is no error

What is the page url?

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Please check your message brother.

Just I got to chance to check it. Thanks for your patience.

Please add proper author name in your WordPress user profile. Then run a test again!

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@Whois_Games What’s the status?

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Still couldn’t figure it out.

Have You filled these?
If you are a Person.


If you are an Organization
Upload a logo also

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Yes I have already done that.

Hey @GulshanKumar bro, I have checked your site too and I found that error too in your site. Can you confirm it please?

I think it’s Yoast bug.

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Update from Yoast

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And the problem has been solved with the latest Yoast Update.
If you have similar problem then update Yoast to the latest Version.

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