Got issue with google indexing

4 of my top page on google first page suddenly get disappeared. I checked in webmaster and they says blocked by robots.txt but robots.txt was untouched by me.
I was trying to add star rating to those page that’s why this happens I think. I revert change back. Any idea How to get my pages back to rank #1?

Make use of Inspect URL

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check robots.txt file & Resubmit that issue using search console.

I did, How long it take to index it? Indexed version showing blocked by robots.txt while live version not.

It’s been 12+ hour, it indexed for few hour without proper title and no desc and now its gone again. I tried webmaster but nothing happening.

Audit your page URL in ScreamingFrog, if you do not spot any issues you can report to Google Webmasters Team

Tried everything, nothing works. I am thinking to duplicate page and make a 301 redirect. But I am not sure I able to preserve ranking after that.
I am thinking google using some dirty tricks here to force user to ppc. Found many issue on there forum
It appears for few hours Without desired title and desc than disappear
I specially add allow/page-url in my robots.txt but google still showing blocked by robots.txt
My traffic drop from 5000 pageviews per day to 500

Is your site accessible if you access your web page as Googlebot user-agent in your browser?

Check at

Or using below addon

Why I asking to check this way because a few month back I discovered a site using some rogue server rule which was blocking Googlebot, so it’s always better to double check.

My website on blogspot there’s nothing I can edit or do on serve side

That’s fine. Would you like to share your site URL? I’d like to analyze once to see if I can help.