Gst For Adsense Income

I have a new Youtube channel, i wanted to know that to receive Google Adsense payments in India did we require Gst registration as it will be from outside India. Please help.

No need to pay GST for your Adsense earnings. Bank will only deduct approx â‚ą 100 for Forex Transaction Charge & Commission, nothing else.

But, if your earning fall under the Income Tax slabs, then you have to pay the Income Tax by ITR From-1.


Thanks. But i am asking for registration. Do we require GST registration ?
As i have read all over internet, that the payment is received from outside India, and it is treated as Zero rated, but we have to file GST return using LUT. I have doubt regarding it. I have asked GST practitioners also, they don’t have idea about Adsense. So, please clarify.

Not at all. Until you’re not a registered company or organisation

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I think, no.

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NO GST registration till your income reaches Rs 40 lac per annum


Not needed.

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GST is necessary only if your turnover in the any financial year crosses Rs.40,00,000 INR.
Until then you are liable to pay only Income Tax. Probably Google Adsense Revenue will not come under GST unless you are an individual blogger.

While getting payment inform your banking people as “Compensation for Employees” while remitting your Google Transaction.

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I didn’t understand the last part about informing to bank. Why to inform bank when getting payment and why employee compensation?
Can you please explain this ?
I will be doing adsense earning as an individual.

Ignore. There’s no such things needed. :slight_smile:

When you receive any payment of Other Country Currencies, Banking people will ask for the reason.
I have helped many people to get Adsense Approval and make them get their payments through Axis Bank. So every month when you are about to get your payment, you have to mention the reason in your Net Banking Form and there you have to choose “Compensation for Employees”.

IDK about other banking system.

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No GST registration required unless you are big business, but mention the earning in your IT Returns promptly.

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Maybe Axis bank ask but I don’t think other banks do! I have Kotak, HDFC, ICICI account and they don’t ask all this.

No need to do anything in particular.

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My Bank(SBI) never asks.