GST Registration and GST filling

Hello Friends,

I want to register for Razorpay to accept payment for my website. For this, I need a GST number.
Do someone please guide me on this?
And let say I got a GST member, Do I have to file a GST return?

Any suggestion welcome.

Once you have a gst number you need to file a return every month.

Also, it is better to open a company or LLC and take gst of the company instead of your own name.

That way your other income sources are not taxed under GST. If you register a personal gst number it can be difficult in income tax filing. May be not today but surely in the future. So be aware!

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Thanks, Saurav. It is a good suggestion. How to register Company? Do you mean MSME registration?

Nopes. Consult a C.A.
You can open a private ltd or an LLC. It might cost you anywhere between 5-7k

I think @MyilRaj’s company provides this kind of services.

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If you want to receive domestic payment, you don’t need any of those things. However for International Payment it’s neccessary, consult a CA.

It is for the international payment. I have to do this so that it will be easier in the future. Thanks all for your valuable suggestion.

Hello Varunpatel,
I can support you to get the GST number. I am providing services for GST Registration, MSME Registration. Cost Rs.999/- …

Thanks for Recommending @rajdeep

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Thanks, will contact you. I have to now think of LLC or PVT.LTD. once I finalize this will send you messages. Really appreciated your help.

Hi Varun patel,
If you are planning to go for a life-time and wish to have plans in the future, then go with Pvt. Ltd. Registration. It is considered the most prestigious form of the legal body in India. But, month-on-month compliances will be a tough task (don’t worry we do have a yearly package for this).
Call me at 96553 45140 for assistance.

Just asking what about HUF?