Guest post | If you have good DA & Traffic then ASK FOR MORE :)

I have 34 DA and I was charging $40 to $80 for a guest post (related to the same niche & from the websites which have good DA also), but on a website I checked they were charging $2750 for a guest post - Then I decided to increase the gust post charges. And, when I got an inquiry, I shared my updated charges like this

Guest post for permanent term - **$100 for 6 months $500 for life time** 
Link insertion (in existing article, for permanent term) - **$100 for 6 months $500 for life time**
Homepage link (per month) - **$200 per month** 

And, I got 2 guest posts within 3 days for 1-1 year in ($200 and for the second post I gave them 5% discount so it was %190).

I think it was good ---- you please share, how much you are charging for a guest post?

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I do feel that this is not a good practice in the longrun. As google considers paying for a linkback(guestpost) as blackhat!

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in a month I publish around 700 posts and if there are 5-6 relevant backlinks given to relevant website (which I generally does with the actual posts like a reference) - it does not impact, things to matter

  1. Website/content must be relevant to the topic / your website
  2. Target website should have a good DA
  3. Your website also should have a good DA

@GulshanKumar - you please also share your view on guest post so that me & others get more information about it.

Unless, things become irrelevant. Giving backlinks as reference is fine.

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Guests posts are completely fine but you should not keep " Sponsored Posts" section in your website @DUGGU.

Keep a media kit option and put all the rates and everything in a PDF file. When anyone contact you for guest posts, send them the PDF file.

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I have a page - Advertising & Sponsoring. But don’t tag the guest posts either as guest post or as sponsored post
Is it fine @Saksham?

I checked this page. But the thing is with this page, Google knows that you are selling links so that is why it is recommended not to keep something on the site. Put all of this in a Media Kit and share that with others or just share the details directly whenever someone contacts you.

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ok great - will take action on it.

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I came to know taht write for us page also harms our site, one of the seo consultant told me before they order guest post from my blog. Later I completely removed that page.

Maybe you can give users the hint from the contact us page too :wink:

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Please refer to …

Based on same, I would not recommend taking part in link business – especially on main site.

Getting de-index overnight from Google wont be fun. Please be aware about Webmaster Guidelines.