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When i reached out to owner of 70DA blog for guestpost he is charging $175 for each one. Do i buy or not? Is the price is reasonable?

Traffic 3lacs/month and DA 70+

Well, the owner can charge as much as he/she wants.
But it really looks like a cheap deal.
Better suggestions can be provided by @BihariLala @AbhishekVerma @DUGGU @BLOGGING_SURGEON

I won’t suggest paying for guest post.

Everymonth, as a Blogger thriving to achieve higher DA in the run time, should spend a decent money in Guest Post. $175 is a reasonable price which you can pay. But, the results will be seen after 3 months.

This is very reasonable for DA 70. Usually it’s $300+.

But it all depends on if the site is relevant to yours or not.

Do you really support idea to pay for guest post?

Here is something you should learn.
As far as i can say, if you are not in a super competitive niche, you shall do fine even without building any backlinks manually!

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Have you not read about guest post. There is no value to guest post now. Semrush have removed guest post from his blog.

It can be a negative thing now. If he is inserting your link giving reference of any important content related to your and his article naturally then it will work fir you.

But openly you just can’t show it as a guest post.

I agree to @saurav_556 bhai

One day, they may change the Do_follow attribute of your link to No_follow to safeguard their link juice. It is better to avoid buying links.

I would never advice paying for a guest post. Few things you need to understand here.

  1. Guest posts are good for link building, but that’s much about it. Links are not everything when you want to rank a website.
  2. A link that’s worth $175 is just too much in my opinion. The owner may change the tag to nofollow whenever he wants. So where does your link juice go then? Dump…
  3. A site with 3 lacs/month traffic doesn’t mean it will send you that much worth of traffic to your site. That’s only a portion of traffic you are going to get (if its good post).
  4. Google doesn’t consider any of these DA,PA,DR,UR bull shits. I have seen spammy websites with huge DA and PA but with no traffic. There are people who boost their DA in order to get guest posts as well. Be aware of that too.
  5. Google doesn’t rely on these DA metrics. They have their own authority metrics.

That’s my thoughts…Baaki aapka paisa… :smiley:

If your site is new, keep creating good and unique content. Learn On/Off page SEO. New websites usually go through sandbox period. Below is my new website about six months old. It is now picking up traffic… And remember SEO is an ongoing process.


Yes it depends on the publisher, I have 35 DA and I charge $150- $200 (mostly) for one guest post with 1000 words, relevant content.

But, if traffic is 3L, then please don’t go with them

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One more thing that I experienced, if you have only blog website then you should not invest $175 just for trying to rank a blog post, but if you’ve any service/product to sale then you can think for the guest post, but not for such websites having higher DA and less traffic.
DA can be increased in just $20.

What is the traffic on your blog?

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Before lockdown it was 2M pageviews but now 1.1 M :frowning:


Can u share URL pls

Am i the only one that takes good guest posts for free?

Damn, I gotta catchup


No. I am also here. I accept guest posts if they are well written, for free.

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Lol… I don’t accept guest post even for :moneybag:

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Never mind, Why do you use LOL… in each sentence? :rofl:

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