[Guide] How to Setup W3 Total Cache Plugin?


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Please check your Personal Message bro. I sent now.

(Myil Raj) #22

How long will W3TC take to create new set of cache files for all Posts/pages?


It creates page by page on the first visit.

(Myil Raj) #24

Then, when it will create a fresh version bro.

Also, when I updated a post and hit update button, I can’t see changes in the pages.


Whenever we make changes in published post, cache automatically get purged and we see fresh version.

Well, this is not my mistake as well as this is bit off-topic to this thread.

When you hit update, and still don’t see updated version of web page; because you might be using some bad .htaccess rules or similar plugin which do so. If you mind sharing complete .htaccess I can help you with that.

(Myil Raj) #26

The problem raised after installing W3TC bro…


Not agree. I am facing this problem at your site since many days. I forget to notify, sorry.

And, here’s the report for the same. Proof of my finding that bug at your site is existing before W3TC. Last time, I found it 4 days ago. Please don’t blame W3TC.

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Please check your PM Post I messaged you now my htaccess…


ExpiresByType text/html A2592000

I checked, you are using this particular bad rule. Causing problem. W3TC never add this rule. You had since before.

(Myil Raj) #30

Thank you so much bro! May be this was cause for lots of problems I think.


You’re welcome!

This is why, I am strictly against using random .htaccess rule. If you don’t know what anything does, do not add it. On Internet, now a days all are copy-paste expert…!! Most will say, do this. do that. But rarely some will say … why do this. It takes real knowledge and concept to describe which is not easy thing unless someone have done extensive research on the specific topic.

Alternatively, I have seen this kind of bad rule

ExpiresDefault "access plus 2 days"

(Bihari Moderator) #32

Shall I disable/delete Breeze and enable W3 Total Cache. Or Delete Breeze and disable Varnish cache, and then install W3 Total Cache?


Option 1. Just disable and delete Breeze. No need to disable Varnish for installing W3TC.

Next, you can install and activate W3TC and must follow step 14 to integrate Varnish properly.

(Bihari Moderator) #34

it should not be ‘enabled’ but the method should be disk?


Please enable, and keep it Disk.

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From Cloudways team:

Caching the database queries will reduce load on your server, hence server will have more resources to serve website to the incoming flow of traffic.

We recommend enabling this setting and selecting Memcached as the method for caching.

This will be particularly useful if you have a WordPress website that sends out a lot of database queries per page load.



If you have selected Memcached, it’s okay. You don’t need to tweak its specific settings - as shared in the screenshot.

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There are so many Save Settings and Purge Caches option.

Where I’m supposed to click? :confused:

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Is this fancy permalinks thing error normal?


Hi… I am back.