[Guide] How to Setup W3 Total Cache Plugin?


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Welp. Images broken! Check PM.


All are same. Click on any button which says - Save settings and Purge.

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Looks like because of Photon, image broken after W3 Total Cache :open_mouth: Bad gateway error on photon URL.


No no. Photon should work fine.

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It was because of Yoast SEO extension.

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When i am trying to setting up all w3 total cache plugin.

Opcode Cache plugin default setting as below image.

Opcode Cache: Opcode: Zend Opcache

Is it correct or i have to set not available?


Leave it to default as it is.


I doubt it works!!


I am not sure when it does preload. I never got chance to notice it. Maybe doing slowly in batch of URLs.

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Hi Sir,

After installing “W3 Total Cache Plugin”, In my apache Wordpress access log file showing more than 600 requests from my own Server IP.

For Example,

xxx.xx.xxx.xxx - - [03/Apr/2018:16:28:36 +0000] “GET / HTTP/1.1” 200 23485 “my site page url” “WordPress”

In above line xxx.xx.xxx.xxx is showing my server ip, and in log line last shows “WordPress”. This type of logs with more than 600 lines for my site different pages.

My question is,

  1. Why are there so many requests from my own server IP address?
  2. What about showing “WordPress” in these log lines?
  3. Is it normal behavior of W3 total plugin, that because of its cache functionality showing my own server ip on log file?

Please guide me for above queries.

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Any Update for above query?

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Hi Sir,

As per point no. 30 for Browser cache -> General Section. You suggest that need to Select both “Set Last-Modified header” & “Set entity tag (Etag)” options.

And as per point no. 44. for Browser cache -> HTML & XML Section. You suggest that need to Untick “Set Last-Modified header” & “Set entity tag (Etag)” options.

I am facing a problem that, Whenever I try to do setting for point no. 44. Untick “Set Last-Modified header” & “Set entity tag (Etag)” options. And click on Save Setting. It also automatically Untick both “Set Last-Modified header” & “Set entity tag (Etag)” options of point no. 30 for Browser cache -> General Section Settings.

Why does it not allow me to settings as per your suggestions?
Is anyone facing the same issue?


In W3TC, at Browser cache settings page, in above the fold first is General settings that would be applicable globally.

However, specifically we can override for HTML. That’s simple.


Are you using Sitemap preloading? Please check once at Page Cache settings. Ref: Point 26.

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Thanks for the explanation, but as i said in my previous comment When i try to do setting for HTML & XML section. Its automatically Untick General settings means its removed General cache settings.

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Yes, I am using Sitemap preloading feature. Can I use this feature or make it disable?


You may safely Disable it.



Thanks for the patience. I tried to reproduce the issue.

I understand, it’s harmless.

The W3TC plugin categorize Browser Cache elements mainly in the four parts. General, also seperately in ‘HTML & XML’, ‘CSS & JS’, ‘Media and other files’. So, the seperate option are sufficient to handle.

No worries even if General settings changes due to HTML settings checkbox.

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Now, i also disabled Preloading feature.
Thanks for your help.


Good to know, You’re welcome!