[Guide] How to Setup W3 Total Cache Plugin?



@gulshankumar I have installed, activated and configured this plugin in my test domain!

Issue: Whenever I am making any changes in any other plugins like “One Signal” etc. or even enable and disabling “Avatar Display” in “Discussion Settings”, I need to do “purge cache” for page cache in W3TC.

Then only the changes are taking effect! Is this expected?


If W3TC prompt “Empty Page Cache”, it doesn’t do automatically but suggest you that if you need you can.

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How to find cdn path or is it possible to do it without selecting generic mirror option?


@BLOGGING_SURGEON After selecting generic mirror, you can integrate a cdn.example.com with CDN option.

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If i type cdn.gulshankumar.net it redirects to this forum. Can you explain me why?


For a while, I had implemented CDN at HGK. Later, I changed my mind and reverted back. So, I added 301 redirect from the old to new path.

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Okay sir :slight_smile: Thanks


You’re most welcome!

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hehe! can you please export your W3TC settings and send it to me if possible? :yum:


Haha. :heart_eyes:

I don’t use any cache plugin. I have custom configuration. So, cannot right now. Sorry :frowning:

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I use wp fastest cache. Works perfect for me.


@Paritosh I would recommend two things for you…

  1. Choose a plugin that supports Varnish. A stupid simple is Breeze.
Warning (don't enable its Browser cache) rest everything is perfect and automated.

  1. Go to Cloudways > Server > Manage Services > Enable Varnish

Expected: Amazing performance.

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Thank you :blush: I will try it and will report back.


You’re welcome!! :slight_smile:

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I just installed this plugin in a new site and it is showing this error on top…

public_html/wp-content is write-able. When finished installing the plugin, change the permissions back to the default: chmod 755
public_html/wp-content. Permissions are currently 775

What to do? @gulshankumar

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please Clarify with Cloudflare optimal settings.


I would prefer ignoring those error warning.


For Cloudflare, here’s the guide

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One more thing Shout i Active Cloudflare Extension


It’s not required.