[Guide] How to Setup W3 Total Cache Plugin?



Update: Just got to know that this plugin, W3 cache does not works fine with woo commerce based sites most of the times. Sometimes image will not load properly or sometimes wrong products will be added to cart.


You might have Varnish enabled, but not configured with W3TC. Hence, it might be creating issues.

Also… if you are using WooCommerce - It is recommended to go to Performance > Database Cache and add _wc_session_ to the Ignored query stems.

Worth reading http://blog.lathiyasolutions.com/configure-woocommerce-cache-with-w3-total-cache/


Thanks will look at it.Yeah Might me Varnish is the reason for it


aapne jaisa bataya same maine waise hi setup kiya but meri site mobile aur desktop me properly open nahi ho rahi.


Can you please share URL where I can see the exact problem? I would be happy to help you.


maine w3 total cache ko deactivate kar ke fir se wp super cache ko enable kiya hai


Mai aapko batana chahunga ki mai nulled begginer theme , free cloudflare cdn , free ssl use kar raha hu apne blog par


Many times theme breaks after adding w3 cache. Can you do one thing please, When you activate w3 cache and using cloudflare cdn, side by side use cloudflare flexible ssl as well. Not sure but may be it solves.
Please check and let me know does that worked


maine free ssl ke liye cloudflare flexible ssl plugin ko pahle se install kiya hua hai. fir bhi w3 total cache ko use karne par site open nahi ho rahi thik se.


point number 13 ke CDN Section me generic mirror ko select karne ke liye kaha hai sir ne. kya is wajah se problem aa rahi? jab ki mai cloudflare cdn use kar raha hu.

kya Cloudflare CDN walo ke liye ye setup work nahi karega? isme kuch changes ki jarurat hai?


If you are using Cloudflare, you don’t need to do anything extra with W3TC.


Hi Gulshan,

It was very informative.

I’m not clear with the point 14, I have hosting in Vultr, DNS from Namecheap. And the website is developed in WP.

Please guide where can i get the Varnish server details, please help.



Not every web hosting support Varnish feature. BTW, you can confirm once by checking cPanel and searching “Varnish”. If it is available you can enable. Or leave as is.


Thanks, Gulshan i’m leaving it as of now.


Hi Gulshan,

In W3TC latest update, there is a new section added as “Security Headers” at below location
Performance -> Browser Cache -> Security Headers.

In this “Security Headers” section,
What is “Referer Policy” option? Can i enable “Referer Policy” section?

And if enable then, What value need to set for “Referer Policy” option?

I would also like to suggest that, you can add this new “Security Headers” section settings in above tutorial.

Please guide me for this new setting.


Referer policy allow webmaster to configure a kind of privacy settings against outgoing links.

If you are interested in learning about it, I would recommend a simple guide which is written at Mozilla Dev page.

Also, you can can see W3C guide to know exact abstract.

Assuming, now you have understood the directive meaning now according to your site nature you can configure.

In my opinion, generally for a normal blog you shouldn’t restrict referrer information. By default “as is” is completely okay.

By default what happens?

  • HTTP to HTTP or HTTPS, browser pass full URL of referred domain.
  • HTTPS to HTTP, browser does not pass because of downgrade in protocol.
  • HTTPS to HTTPS, browser pass referred domain information in Full URLs.

If you really want to override the default behaviour, then you should tweak else it’s not necessary.


aap hosting kaunsa use kar rahe hai ?


If we use cloudflare this CDN setting for us or not


Not required.


Hi bro,

Why you don’t select Disk:Enhanced option? It looks better.