[Guide] How to Setup WP Rocket Cache Plugin?



WP Rocket is a premium cache plugin developed by WP Media team. I have been user of this plugin since 3-4 years.

This plugin comes with unique feature like

  • CSS Optimization with Critical CSS path
  • Lazy Loading
  • Disable Emoji etc.

When it comes to performance there are two kind of things I have seen -

  • Realistic example - Encouraging use of proper file format for images
  • Unrealistic - removing query strings, combining CSS and JS, etc.

Well, every coin has two sides.

I have very-very good experience as well as bad experience with this plugin too. I liked the way how this plugin purge cache at the right event.

  • From amazing fast, A grade at GTmetrix to the frustrating moment due to broken site without CSS and JS.

  • Or loading some compressed file instead of web page, this plugin has given me all kind of panic experience.

  • Or, missing trailing slash for permalink which was not going easily, even after re-installing plugin multiple times. I don’t failed to try, and yes I tried a lot. Because, everyone said - This plugin is best.

Anyway, such experience are countless and made me believe that no caching plugin is perfect. :neutral_face:

Here are some references

They are good at providing support, however I couldn’t find it so easier.

Last time, I had tried this plugin on 4 January 2018, but finally decided to stick with W3TC since then my decision is permanent like hard stone.

Installation & Configuration

I don’t recommend using nulled plugin. Please don’t search on Internet free WP Rocket. It may contains backdoor that may harm your site.

  1. Download WP Rocket premium version at https://wp-rocket.me/account/

  2. Login to WordPress, example.com/wp-admin/

  3. Add new Plugin > Uploads

  4. Activate WP Rocket Plugin

  5. This is the first screen after activation of WP Rocket. I will go to Settings now to see how this plugin works in the latest version. :slight_smile:

  6. Welcome to the nagging world of WP Rocket so called Premium plugin!

  7. Scrolling down… today my mouse is not working properly :stuck_out_tongue: I hope I won’t scroll too much and click anything by mistake and allow permission for anything that even I don’t know. Let me take a screenshot. Just today, I have installed Fireshot. They are better than WP Rocket. At least, they didn’t annoyed me like this.

  8. So, this is basic settings of WP Rocket - A premium plugin. UI, 100/100 marks. Kudos.

  9. LazyLoad: I hate this holy shit. This is best option to ruin website user-experience.

  10. Mobile cache: Wp Rocket team has done great job for mobile cache, this plugin can serve seperate cache from specific mobile theme. Kudos.

  11. User cache: I don’t use this feature.

  12. SSL cache: Of course, we should enable if we are on HTTPS.

  13. Emoji cache: Once this setting made me panic that how suddenly my Emoji got disappeared. LOL :smiley: :smiley: Well, good thing. Emoji are not good at some kind of website.

  14. Embeds: If you don’t care about embedding third-party resources in easy way, you may disable this nice feature.

  15. Cache lifespan: By default this plugin set 10 hours, which is good for most blogs. Well, don’t worry if you update any blog, this plugin will purge. I said, I liked the way this plugin trigger purge action.

  16. Static Cache: Let’s see first how it looks, okay very good. Everything is disabled. Thanks god!

    It’s better to do not enable these options. These settings often break website. Here’s why, I don’t recommend touching CSS and JS.

  17. CDN Tab. Hmm, looks good. :slight_smile: Here you can enable CDN if you use. Else, leave it as it is.

  18. BTW, here one thing is funny. Dropdown. Why in the age of HTTP/2 someone would enable more than one path for CDN? Vague.

  19. Using Cloudflare? Still, you shouldn’t enable its related option here. It’s not worth to tweak.

  20. Advanced: Nothing worry point that really need to be configured. Skipping.

  21. Database: Good feature to clean up junk from Database. However, please be careful before using. Once I did mistake by deleting everything what I shouldn’t.

  22. Preload: What’s the heck? Perload is a feature that generates cached version page in the advanced and speed up for the first time visitors. If you are on low-end web hosting, please don’t enable.

  23. Varnish: This is a useful feature for Varnish user.

    Must enable this option if you are using Varnish cache at server, else your visitor wont see updated version of web page.

  24. How to check if Varnish is working properly or not? Assuming, you have enabled Varnish.

If page is cached: It will show age greater than 0.
If page is not-cachable or just you have purged the cache, age will be less or 0 for the first page view.

Screenshot credit: Cloudways.

Any question, please feel free to ask below. :slight_smile:

That’s all. I hope this helps.
* Disclaimer apply


Thanks & Regards,

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I wrote this post very fast. Please ignore typos.


No, we have custom configuration that won’t work with rocket. We are good with our current plugin. :slight_smile:

Thanks for understanding in advance.


No issue. :blush:


Nope. I am glad today I published total 4 threads. :smiley:


Hope for next awesome post :slight_smile:


Why https://gulshankumar.net/wordpress-speed-optimization/ this is password protected?


yep, it seems. Hello password did not work :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice try! :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope you won’t do brute force attack. :joy:


Any idea how to fix this with WP Rocket? Thanks :thinking:



To fix …

  1. You may disable Gravatar
  2. Or, load it locally (Caution: It may fix the problem, but first time visitor will face slow load time.)

I think, it’s better to disable Gravatar or leave it as it is. Please note, removing query string will not improve load time.


Thank you for the info :wink:


Good host here :stuck_out_tongue: Do we just need to check Activate sitemap-based cache preloading option to enable preload?


You can enable it. Not an issue. :sunglasses:


Yes, combining can be done for the fonts.

However, I prefer either completely removing it or hosting it locally. Though it’s little difference process. It makes faster than using fonts with external path.


Are you using CIDRAM Firewall plugin?
It appears like that. One thing is clear, it’s definately broken.


In my opinion, it’s not. When I was using I got myself locked two-three times. So, I had to remove it.


kuch toh garbar hai :thinking: