[Guide] Install phpMyAdmin for Cloudways Application Database



What??? :open_mouth: I don’t think so.
Keep continuing @GulshanKumar , we need more knowledge.


here how to find Application name?? i can’t understood, can someone plz help me.


In cPanel case, I mean you should install phpmyadmin at website public_html directory

In LEMP case, /var/www/html can be public directory for a domain, at this location you need to install phpMyAdmin.


this na sir?
cd applications/var/www/html


not working Sir 2nd command line


No. I mean

cd /var/www/html


See here Sir, After entering 2nd line command


Sorry, I just noticed your screenshot. You need to install first unzip.

Please enter below command and try again, it should work now.

apt install unzip
wget https://files.phpmyadmin.net/phpMyAdmin/4.8.2/phpMyAdmin-4.8.2-all-languages.zip && unzip phpMyAdmin-4.8.2-all-languages.zip && rm phpMyAdmin-4.8.2-all-languages.zip && mv phpMyAdmin-4.8.2-all-languages phpmyadmin


symbolic link problem, sir


Enter below command

rm -rf phpMy*

and try again


Still not working


Can you connect remotely via Anydesk? https://anydesk.com/download

I can help.

Message me your ID.


Connected now. Please accept.



We have successfully Installed, now you can access your phpMyAdmin at example.com/phpmyadmin/ path using MySQL username & password.

Thanks & Regards,


Yaaa Logged in. Dil se thanks Sir


You’re welcome dear!


Sir is their any tutorial to install FTP on Ubuntu


The login credential which you use for using SSH, you can use same for the Filezilla over port 22 (SFTP), it should work fine.


Working Sir,


Good to know.