Gutenberg- A WordPress editor

(imamit) #1


Today, I got notification to install the Gutenberg on my WordPress, I just checked that it has many features for editing your blog post.

I just want to know from all of you guys, is it good to install it? have you installed it and what is your experience?

I find it useful.

Thanks in Advance.

(Suprim Shrestha) #2

It’s shit. It’s more like a page builder, it feels like I am using Squarespace.

(CEO of #3

Yeah, I tried it. If you’re a blogger who write simple stories, or general how-to guides or a food blogger, then it’s best for you. But for the bloggers who write WordPress, programming Tutorials, and Core-Tech Guides. Sorry, but this is not for you.

And, There are a lot of bugs which needs to be fixed.

(imamit) #4

Thanks you all for suggestion and feedback.