Gutenberg Autosave?

Tell me if this ever happened to you and the solution (if you have one).
You wrote an awesome article on your WordPress website which is using the latest Gutenberg Editor. Now, you drag and dropped the images to add them to your post. But unfortunately that didn’t go too well and you ended up opening that image on your browser.

In the hope of so-called “Autosave”, you clicked the back button of your browser and damn! the post is now gone. All the text you wrote, images you added are now gone.

The autosave works pretty well with the classic editor or at least we get a message saying You have a more recent autosave on your browser. But as of my experience as a writer, I never saw this message with the Gutenberg Editor.

Are you facing the same? Is there anything we can do to prevent this?

P.S.- I know that we can write in third party document writers like Google Doc, but here I want to know if there is a solution for this Gutenberg bug (maybe). :slight_smile:

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It happened to me when I was using Gutenberg, I wrote an awesome article. It was not complete but still very informative…

Somehow, I quit writing and went somewhere… When I came back my pc was Off… I was assuming that everything was auto-saved as usually works with Classic editor.

But I was not lucky, I lost everything I wrote.

I am not using Gutenberg because it was not working as it should be, I found Classic editor better…

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I am using Gutenberg editor and auto save works for every 60 Seconds as expected.

If it is not working as intended maybe it is disabled by mistake. Disable doubtful plugin, check wp-config.php, and theme functions.

By chance do you use Redis Cache for object caching? (Just asking)

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Yes I do :smile:

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Disable it. Hopefully, you will never face this issue again!

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Thanks for this, which editor you are using and you recommend and why?

Gutenberg editor is simple to use better helps to keep a clear focus on the content structure. There is some support for Markdown which makes it impressive.

Once you get used to it, you will never switch back.


As per your recommendation, I will try it again… Let’s see…