GutenBerg Editor Not Working

Today, I have changed from Classic Editor to GutenBerg Editor in order to Enable “FAQ Schema”.

But, after adding the Content Block and enabled FAQ Scheme, “Edit Post” is not working and the browser is returning a white screen.

When checked with Console, I have received these errors.

Can anyone help to solve these errors?

But I am not able to get all the necessary things in the top of the screenshot mentioned below in Gutenberg Editor. Similarly, I can’t see Words Count either.

Any solution?

This is the reason why I still use Classic Editor

For that you need to check with respective author of plugin how to workaround

What about the Words Count?

Brother, I changed to GutenBerg Editor today. But, when I try to Edit the post, I am getting this warning.

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Do you see any issues at Site Health?

No bro

Try once to repro in a fresh WordPress.

Also, disable any custom code snippet, firewall rules and check again.

Also check Server error logs. It can hint what’s happening.

A general practice, I would recommend keeping decent php memory limit and execution time.