HardyPress REVIEW - Static WordPress Hosting

HardyPress is a WordPress Static site generator helps making WordPress Faster and Secure instantly.

I tried HardyPress, here’s my first-hand experience. It felt professional hosting with few pro and cons.


  1. Non-technical. You need basic knowledge of DNS and how WP works. Doesn’t require local WP installation, makes ideal for a blog with multiple authors.

  2. New Install was quick. Didn’t take more than 2-5 mins in getting ready. The whole process was interesting to see the progressive log on the computer screen.

  3. Deployment speed was decent, 42 seconds to few mins only. Sadly, it was not auto-deployment like a Cache plugin does purge automatically. I had to do every time manually. I understand from static site point of view this makes sense but still… as it is charging money, there should be an incremental way to deploy without user involvement or user would feel tired clicking Deploy and waiting a min all the day.

  4. Contact Form 7 works as expected. Realized later, I need to update “From” email too.

  • I feel it should catch WordPress Default email automatically.
  1. Browser Caching policy was decent. You would never run into doing hard reload.

  2. One-click to SSL, Search works, documentation was okayish, could have been better by being detailed.

  3. Automatic Backup on each build

  4. No credit card required for Free Trial. Allow you to learn how to use safely.

  5. Pricing seems decent, my only concern is low disk space. :confused: And glad, HardyPress don’t put visitor and worker limit. haha

  6. The site was faster than before. Thanks to BunnyCDN.

  7. Page layout or code didn’t break. For example, when I had exported with other software they deleted my some meta tag. I don’t like when software tries to become unnecessary over smart this way.

  8. Well, so far it went good and I don’t have to deal with any PHP error or random error message. Overall, it was a very decent experience.

  9. Redirection works. I doubt if it supports 302. Sometimes, I feel more useful.


  1. No cache warm-up of HTML pages or anything. All went from MISS to HIT as any CDN. Here I was expecting like Netlify which does warm up instantly.

  2. Default Comment didn’t work. Returned error (method not allowed).

  3. Slow support, a live chat could have been better. There was a bit problem setting up the same custom domain the second time, I wish I could contact and resolve quickly but felt better not contacting due to slow response.

  4. Existing site migration took 6-8 hours in manual review. This is something to know.

  5. There is no custom SSL support in the $20/mo plan.

  6. I didn’t notice the alias feature.

Will I continue?

Short answer: No.

Services appeared transparent with pricing and feature. Just one thing, I could not find any documentation about handling comment. If you get one, please drop me below.

Therefore, This doesn’t meet my need. I missed “default commenting” feature what I am sure they could have resolved despite being static site.

Is it better than other available solution?

It was a great experience with HardyPress except the comment part was not fun. Let’s see in 2020 who turn out the best Static Site hosting or generator.

Final words

I would feel secure, privacy-protected in having Open Source, Static site generator and deployer than using managed hosting like this. It is my personal choice. Thanks for reading!


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