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Has any received this notification in their adsense account?

I recently got this notification message “Your September earnings deductions and how to avoid them”

Inside the message at some part they stated this

" As a part of this programme, we want to notify you that your September earnings were subject to a deduction for invalid activity that was detected by our systems. This system enables us to filter out most invalid traffic, and our advertisers are not charged for this traffic. Note that this deduction will be reflected in your finalised earnings next week."

I am wondering am i the only one who received this? I get invalid deduction every month, but i never receive any notification message for it. It makes me wonder is this going to be some huge deduction or what?

Not received but I noticed AdSense is deducting money 2 times from the balance for a month.

My august payment was released on 21st Sept but on Sept 22 they deducted −US$0.28 for invalid reasons.
Now my balance is in -ve

When I asked their support, they said your query is out of our scope.


Hmm very strange, I will wait and see how much they deduct next month and update this post.

Update: Nothing unusual, I got the same clawbacks like the rest of the month around 1%

No, you’re not the one and this is normal for AdSense. They deduct money and what you see on dashboard is not the actual amount you are going to receive, it could change in the end of the month before the payout.

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