Has anybody tried OpenLiteSpeed

Did anyone tried OpenLiteSpeed? The open source replacement of the Litespeed.

Is it a good option for woocommerce?

Sorry! I have no idea about it. I prefer only NGINX or Apache.

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I did some research in which I found OpenLiteSpeed to be little faster than NGINX, not any significant.

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Then it’s better to go with NGINX. Due to a lot of resource available on internet and active community.

By the way, I got this version of LiteSpeed on Vultr Apps.

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I had experienced LiteSpeed to be better than Apache. I have installed LiteSpeed for my Blog and found it to be the better choice.

You are still using it or discontinued it now?

Still using it.

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Awesome! I like it because it support .htaccess makes easier to customize. However, I use NGINX mostly. :grinning: