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Has anyone had problem in Digital Ocean bill this month?

On the 1st day of every month Digital Ocean charge from my Axis Bank Debit Card but this month payment declined and SMS came - Due to new RBI regulations, you have to register recurring payment with merchant. Any idea what to do ? @GulshanKumar @93c03eaadf525a520968

Top the wallet up if that’s an option. This rule seems to be making things challenging for people like us

I’m also using Axis bank for DGO and for some reason the payment for rejected but on DGO it says the payment was successful not exactly sure what’s happening. :slight_smile:

You have added Debit Card or Credit Card with Digital Ocean ?


Mine was paid just fine, with PayPal though

Issue is for Indian users as the Reserve Bank of India has made an update in the recurring payment system.

Prefund your account or pay bill in each month manually via card /PayPal

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