Has anyone used Infolinks here?

I have a website which is not approved by Adsense yet but is approved by Infolinks. My niche is tech, or to be more specific it’s Programming and related stuff. How are the CPM like and do they pay CPC also?

I hardly see any website using Infolinks, maybe because they do not pay that well.
Try for Adsense approval

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Infolinks is a stupid ad network for me.
It just only has cons for my sites.
So I had removed them a long ago.

I have used it once. I will recommend not to use it. The UI of the site is affected and it looks spammy.

Just don’t go for that. Infolinks overwrite your internal links and make your whole website full of links and make it spammy.

Either, look for AdSense approval. Or go for some other ad networks