Has your CPC dropped due to COVID-19?

Is it just me or has the CPC dropped for everyone?

I use to get an average CPC of 0.10 - 0.12 every day but after the corona, it has dropped to 0.05

My traffic has increased by 100% but CPC has dropped.

Has your CPC dropped too? If so how much?

yeah, dropped for me and everybody I know.


yes dropped for all. Due to low advertisers.

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Not much.

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Yes. The average was 0.15, but these days it’s 0.10.

It sucks, but glad to know its for everyone. I hope this gets over soon.

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Yes, CPC dropped for me.

My traffic dropped too. It sucks.

The ad rates seems to be improving.
The average rpm for my sites have gone up significantly.
One of my site went from 10$ Rpm to 15$ rpm in matter of last 3 days.
How are you guys doing?