Having Problem With Internationa Payments

I have this SBI global Visa Card. It was working fine 2-3 months ago but not anymore. How do you pay for Hosting outside India. any solution?

I tried Classic, Visa, Global, these never worked for PayPal. Later, I tried SBI Platinum International Master Debit card. It was a good enough but not perfect.


  • Works flawlessly in PayPal. Repetitive transaction in short period of time may be limited.

  • Once day, I thought to try adding in my Google Cloud account but due to lack of non-recurring support, this card also failed here.

  • Issuing and renewal charges is somewhat higher than others but Higher Rewardz points is worthy return imho.

I stopped using this card after sometime. As I got ICICI VISA debit card. It works Internationally and recurring way too. Never an issue.

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I am using Kotak 811 account. They provides Pre-Paid credit card (Visa International).