Having Problem With Internationa Payments

I have this SBI global Visa Card. It was working fine 2-3 months ago but not anymore. How do you pay for Hosting outside India. any solution?

I tried Classic, Visa, Global, these never worked for PayPal. Later, I tried SBI Platinum International Master Debit card. It was a good enough but not perfect.


  • Works flawlessly in PayPal. Repetitive transaction in short period of time may be limited.

  • Once day, I thought to try adding in my Google Cloud account but due to lack of non-recurring support, this card also failed here.

  • Issuing and renewal charges is somewhat higher than others but Higher Rewardz points is worthy return imho.

I stopped using this card after sometime. As I got ICICI VISA debit card. It works Internationally and recurring way too. Never an issue.

Note that debit cards issued by Axis bank, HDFC bank and State Bank of India do not support recurring payments.

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I am using Kotak 811 account. They provides Pre-Paid credit card (Visa International).