Help me installation of my first Droplet

(Serdar) #1

Hi all,

I was using a shared hosting for my WordPress blog always. But now, I want to try Digital Ocean. I found 50$ free credit coupon and it is working well.

Before migrating my blog to Digital Oceans server, I want to ask some questions. I’m very noob.

1- My blog use Litespeed cache plugin because server of the shared hosting supports Litespeed server (Apache). So when I create a new droplet on Digital Ocean should I use apache+Litespeed or nginx?

Litespeed provides free license:

2- Also I have never tried Nginx. If migrate my blog from Apache+Litespeed to Ngix, htaccess won’t work?

3- I know everything about managing WordPress but I don’t know anything about server optimization and security of the server. What should I do? One-click-app for Wordpress will be enough?

4- Operating system of my laptop is MacOS. Should I use Terminal directly to connect my server?

These questions are so important for me. Thank you for your helps :slight_smile:

(Freedom is NOT FREE) #2

Try nginx 1st hand on a test server. That is the only way to learn…

(Gopal) #3

Yes! you can install your first droplet so effectively using DigitalOcean control panel.

(Serdar) #4

thank you for your help :slight_smile: @Alpha and @Gopal

How can I import my old database via ssh?

(Spider-man of the forum) #5
mysqldump -u username -p db-name > db-file-name.sql